motif luna breast pump

Motif Luna Breast Pump

Sophisticated, strong, and soothing. The Luna is the powerful breast pump from Motif Medical. It works well under pressure in a short amount of time. And it’s comfortable at the highest setting for a faster let-down. Pump between 40-280 mmHg. Built-in LED nightlight with three different settings. Perfect for pumping while your baby is sleeping. Backflow protection keeps the motor and tubing clean, preventing any contamination.

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Features & Benefits of the Motif Luna Breast Pump:

  • EXPRESSION MODE – Expression mode works to express milk from the breast as efficiently as possible
  • MASSAGE MODE – Massage mode helps stimulate let-down by mimicking a baby’s nursing pattern
  • AUTO SHUT OFF – Handy auto shut-off turns the pump off after 30 minutes of use
  • EASE OF USE – Simple setup and easy customization options so you can quickly find what works best for you and your baby.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT – Just 2 pounds. Built compact for easy mobility
  • MILK COLLECTION CONTAINERS – Sturdily built and stark printed scale makes measuring simple.

Many Insurances will cover this breast pump.

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The Set For The Motif Luna Includes:

2 – 24mm Breast Shields
2 – Silicone Valves
2 – Backflow Protectors
2 – Tubing
2 – Milk Collection Containers
2 – Milk Collection Container Caps
2 – Milk Collection Container Covers
2 – Milk Collection Container Disks
2 – Bottle Nipples
1 – Power Adapter


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Are you tired of long breast pumping sessions? The Motif Luna breast pump is a powerful breast pump that allows you to pump quickly, resulting in more breast milk in much less time. Whether you need to pump at work, at home, at night, or in your car — it’s there for you. And the Luna breast pump is light, compact, mobile, and easy-to-use. The set up is nice and simple, and you can customize the pumping settings to meet your specific needs. If you and your baby have been having trouble with direct breastfeeding, this Luna breast pump from Motif may be precisely what you need. Plus, pumping allows mom to share feeding duties with dad, other family members, or the babysitter. Everyone needs a break sometimes!

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The Motif Luna’s features include quiet and comfortable pumping, backflow protection, multiple modes, and an auto-shutoff How to get a Motif Lunaoption. Therefore, you won’t have to try to keep track of time while you’re pumping and multitasking. Life can be hectic for new moms. And to make things a little easier for you, Motif Luna pumps will automatically turn off for you after 30 minutes.

If you’re wondering, “Who offers Motif breast pumps near me?” you’ve come to just the right spot. The Breastfeeding Shop is here to do everything we can to make the ordering process easy for new mommies. Furthermore, we want you to have all of the breast pumping equipment you need to care for your growing baby. Even if you’re not certain which pump is the right fit for you, give us a call. Our helpful and knowledgeable staff members will gladly break down the differences between a Motif vs. a Spectra. And then we’ll help you get your great Motif pump for free through your insurance.