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V-Sling Pelvic Support Band

V-Sling Pelvic Support Band

*May require additional documentation from your healthcare provider – we will work directly with your provider to obtain

When you need pelvic support bands, turn to The Breastfeeding Shop. Our maternity support band can help improve posture and reduce pain.

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*May require additional documentation from your healthcare provider – we will work directly with your provider to obtain

Introducing the V-Sling, a doctor-recommended solution for expectant mothers suffering from severe pelvic pain during pregnancy. The neoprene sling is flexible, providing a customizable fit for maximum support of the uterine wall and relief from pelvic and vaginal pressure. Say farewell to pregnancy waddle and discomfort with this innovative support that can be worn day or night. We also offer maternity support hose and maternity compression socks. Reach out to us at The Breastfeeding Shop for more information.

Can The V-Sling be used postpartum?

The V-Sling Pelvic Support Band is not only useful during pregnancy, but it’s also an excellent tool for postpartum recovery. It can help support pelvic floor muscles as they heal after childbirth, reducing the risk of complications and discomfort. The Velcro closure allows for an adjustable fit, ensuring maximum comfort and support.

What Does The V-Sling Pelvic Support Bands Help With?

The support provided by the V-Sling is designed to assist with maintaining the belly and uterine wall. This support can help alleviate discomfort and offer much-needed relief.

  • Vaginal or vulvar varicosities
    Image of the black straps for the V-Sling
  • Inguinal and femoral hernia
  • Uterine prolapse
  • Mobility and weight distribution
  • Heaviness, pressure, and pelvic floor support
  • Pelvic girdle pain/Symphysis Pubis

How Can I Get A V-Sling Pelvic Support Band?

Whether you’re an active mom-to-be or recovering from childbirth, the V-Sling Pelvic Support Band is the perfect accessory to keep you comfortable and supported. It’s discreet, easy to use, and can be worn under clothing for all-day support. Additionally, the band is machine washable for convenient cleaning and maintenance. Choose the V-Sling Pelvic Support Band by BellyBandit for the ultimate in comfort and support during this special time in your life.

Features and Benefits

  • Hand washable and easily adjustable for maximum support
  • Made from high quality neoprene
  • Comfortable, flexible, and lightweight
  • Provides utmost comfort while in use

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