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Pregnancy Support Bands

Pregnancy Support Bands

When you need pregnancy support bands, turn to The Breastfeeding Shop. Our maternity support band can help improve posture and reduce pain.

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Maternity Compression Support Bands

*The premiere Registered Medical Device brand in Maternity Support Products and Pregnancy Support Bands and Corsets.

If you’re looking for quality maternity support bands, you’ve come to just the right place. Our pregnancy support bands can help decrease pain, provide external cues for posture, and provide gentle compression during various activities. We also offer maternity compression socks and postpartum recovery garments. Reach out to us at The Breastfeeding Shop for more information.

Our compression band was crafted to accompany you through pregnancy and beyond. As your belly expands, the band offers a cozy lift and support exactly where you need it. And post-delivery, it transforms into a hip wrap for even more comfort!

Pregnancy Support Bands

Crafted from a soft and stretchy fabric blend, the bandit is designed to grow with your body throughout your pregnancy. Its belly support band lifts and supports your growing belly, reducing pressure and discomfort while improving posture. Additionally, its hip wrap provides extra support for the hips, pelvis, and lower back, alleviating pain and discomfort in these areas. Adjusting the bandit is easy with its simple hook-and-loop closure system, which allows for a personalized fit. The bandit is lightweight, breathable, and discreet, making it comfortable to wear all day, even under your clothes. This versatile bandit is perfect for all activities during pregnancy, including walking, standing, and sitting. Additionally, it is an excellent postpartum support band that helps with recovery after childbirth.

What are the Benefits of Compression Garments for Moms?

  • These pregnancy support bands help decrease pain, including SI joint pain and round ligament painInfographic showing the features of the Maternity Belly Support Band
  • They offer support for the abdomen
  • Maternity belts help posture and balance
  • There’s reduced pressure on the bladder and pelvic region
  • They make your daily activities a bit more comfortable
  • You can keep wearing them after pregnancy for more support

Features and Benefits

Wear during pregnancy to help:

  • Lift and support your growing belly
  • Reduce the strain on your back muscles
  • Alleviate pelvic pain by limiting the mobility of your pelvic joints
  • Relieve pressure on your bladder
  • Increase postural stability, which can weaken during pregnancy as your center of gravity shifts
  • Reduce discomfort during exercise

Wear after delivery to help:

  • Stabilize hip and pelvic area during recovery
  • Guide joints back to their proper pre-pregnancy position.

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