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Breastfeeding Support

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  • MCnip001-02
  • Disposable nursing pads
  • Legendairy Milk Duckbill Tab frontview
  • Elvie Catch
  • Elvie-Curve
  • The Breastfeeding Shop Lactation Massager
  • Washable Bamboo Nursing Pads
  • Nipple Balm from the pump box
  • Legendairy Milk Pumping Spray Bottle and box

    Pumping Spray

    $15.99$24.99 Select Options
  • Legendairy Milk Silicone Collection Cups box
  • Silicone Inserts
  • New Medela SNS Feeder image
  • Breast milk collector
  • Silicone breast pump from the Pump Box

Breastfeeding Support Products

For the best breastfeeding support products, shop with us at The Breastfeeding Shop. We have Medela breast pads as well as nipple shields.