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Elvie Stride Breast Pump

Elvie Stride Breast Pump

Keep up with your busy lifestyle while pumping using the Elvie Stride electric breast pump. It’s a hands-free pump (so you can type, talk, or read), it’s super quiet (so no one will notice), and is designed to be worn under your clothing (so you don’t have to change your style). Plus, it’s easy to set up for single or double pumping.

Liberating users from sockets and restrictive wires, new mothers can discreetly express themselves without compromising on pumping performance. Women can use the Elvie Stride breast pump using the Elvie Stride app to control the pump remotely, save preferred settings, and track pumping history.


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What’s Included:

  • 1 Hub
  • 2 Cup Fronts
  • 2 Cup Seals
  • 2 Breast Shields (24mm)
  • 2 Caps
  • 1 Tube Splitter
  • 2 Short Tubes (for the Cups)
  • 1 Long Tube (for the Hub)
  • 1 Clip
  • 1 Cover
  • 2 Valves
  • 2 Diaphragms
  • 1 Charging Cable
  • Instructions for Use

2-year warranty on the Hub and 90-day warranty on all other components. For complete warranty information, see our Instructions for Use.

Features And Benefits

Worn under clothing, Elvie Stride collects milk in-bra, keeping your hands and body free to move. Take a walk, take a call, or just take time for yourself— with nothing to tie you down.

Built with noise reduction technology, Elvie Stride blends into the background for true pumping discretion.

Elvie Stride works with or without app. But, connecting the app allow users to make the most of their pumping sessions by controlling the pump remotely and tracking their pumping history for each breast.

Complete control
Choose from 10 intensity settings in both Stimulation and Expression modes for optimal comfort and efficiency. Customize your pump so it always starts with your preferred settings.

Product Features

  • 5 oz milk per cup
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Hospital grade strength (up to -270 mmHg)
  • 2 modes, 20 intensity settings
  • Personalisation feature to save user default preferences
  • Suitable for single or double pumping
  • Closed system
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA free

Product specification

  • Colour and finish:
    Hub– Pantone 7541U and 649U
    Cup – Transparent, Pantone 7541U,
    Pantone 573U
    Tube assy – Pantone 7541U. Transparent
  • Size:
    Hub – 117.5 x 67 x 43.5mm
    Cup – (with caps assembled)
    125 x 106 x 64.5mm
  • Weight:
    Total weight (2 x cups) – 540g
  • Material(s):
    Hub – ABS + TPU
    Cup – Silicone, Polypropylene
    Tubes – ABS, Silicone, PVC
  • Mode(s):
    Stimulation, Expression
  • Intensity:
    10 settings per mode
  • Battery:
    Lithium Ion Rechargeable,2300 mAh
  • Charging time:
    120 minutes
  • Charging method:
    Charging Cable provided

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