Product Description

The Spectra S2 is an amazing new breast pump with cutting edge technology.  It is a bit different then some of the other pumps on the market today.  Spectra claims their pumps “suckle” not suck – so when you turn it on, not only is it super quiet, but it sort of vibrates during the expression phase.  It has a let down mode, which is used first to make your milk come in.  Then also has a cycle speed to control how quickly you want to have the pump suckle, a vacuum control to adjust the strength of the suction as well as a night light!  The pump comes with 2 bottles (with nipples that some of our moms have actually used for feeding), 2 standard size flanges of 24mm, 2 back flow valves to make it a “closed system” (so moisture cannot get back into the tubes) & 2 duckbill valves.

It is a double electric breast pump – as all of our pumps are.  It can be used as a single electric pump as well by capping off one of the sides.  It has a bottle holder that will hold 1 bottle at a time.  It also has a carrying handle and is light weight.

Great pump and very strong – we always say to use any pump on the lowest comfortable setting that is working.  This pump does test out as a stronger pump then some of the others on the market today.

Spectra does make different size flanges as well, 28mm and 32mm, which we have available.  Maymom who is an independent company makes a smaller size flange that will work on the Spectra.

Many Insurances will cover this breast pump.

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