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How to Get a Breast Pump Through Tricare

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medela pump in style advanced with maxflow technology

What Types of Breast Pumps Can I Get Through TRICARE?

  • Manual breast pumps
  • Electric breast pumps
  • Hospital-grade breast pumps

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What Types of Accessories Are Covered by TRICARE?

  • Maternity Support Bands
  • Postpartum Compression Garments
  • Milk Storage Bags
  • Compression Socks
  • Pregnancy Pillow
  • Nipple Shields
  • Virtual Prenatal Lactation Consult
postpartum recovery garments
postpartum recovery garments

What Types of Accessories Are Covered by TRICARE?

  • Maternity Support Bands
  • Postpartum Compression Garments
  • Milk Storage Bags
  • Compression Socks
  • Pregnancy Pillow
  • Nipple Shields
  • Virtual Prenatal Lactation Consult

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Whether it's diapers, a stroller, clothes that seem to only fit for a week, or toys and games, it's expensive to have a child, and this is one way to ease the strain on your pocketbook. Why pay for your breast pump and accessories as well?

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Breast Pumps and Maternity Compression Products

It doesn't matter whether you have TRICARE East, TRICARE West, TRICARE Prime, TRICARE Select, or TRICARE Overseas, you're eligible!

TRICARE Breast Pump Policy

TRICARE covers breast pumps, breast pump supplies, and breastfeeding counseling at no cost for new mothers, including mothers who adopt an infant and plan to breastfeed. The Breastfeeding Shop also works with most insurance companies, including Aetna, Highmark, and Cigna.

Breast Pumps Free Through Insurance or with TRICARE Breast Pump Coverage

The Breastfeeding Shop is proud to serve military families all around the world. Get a TRICARE breast pump online that is 100% free to you!

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spectra s2 breast pump

Spectra S2PLUS

The Spectra S2PLUS is designed to make breast pumping simple and comfortable.

medela pump in style advanced with maxflow technology

Medela Pump In Style Advanced With MaxFlo™ Technology

The Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breastpump is proven to help you produce more milk in less time.

freemie breast pump

Freemie Independence

Complete mobility. Proven Freemie Performance. Amazingly quiet, compact and lightweight.

motif luna breast pump

Motif Luna

The Motif Luna is a high-powered breast pump that gives you more milk in less time!

How do I qualify for a TRICARE breast pump?

If you have TRICARE, you qualify for a breast pump and supplies for every baby you have. Simply get a prescription from a TRICARE-authorized doctor, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, or nurse-midwife. The prescription should specify if you're getting a standard electric pump or a basic manual pump. For a hospital-grade pump, you'll have to work with your regional contractor and provider for a referral and authorization. You don't need to specify a brand on your prescription. Have your provider include a diagnosis code on your prescription if you're going to get your breast pump from a durable medical equipment supplier or network provider.

What accessories are covered by TRICARE?

TRICARE Health Benefit covers:

  • One breast pump kit per birth event. The kit may not be separately billed for and reimbursed.
  • Standard power adapters: 1 replacement per birth event, and not within 12 months of the breast pump purchase date.
  • Tubing and tubing adapters: 1 set per birth event.
  • Locking rings: 2 every 12 months
  • Bottles: 2 replacement bottles and caps/locking rings every 12 months following the birth event
  • Bottle caps: 2 every 12 months after the birth event
  • Storage bags: 90 bags every 30 days following the birth event
  • Valves/membranes: 12 for every 12 months following the birth event
  • Supplemental Nursing System (SNS): 1 per birth event when a physician prescribes
  • Nipple shields/splash protectors: 2 sets (2 shields/set) per birth event when a physician prescribes

What items are NOT covered by TRICARE?

TRICARE doesn’t cover (unless part of a breast pump kit):

  • Breast pump batteries, battery-powered adapters, and battery packs
  • Regular "baby bottles" (bottles not specific to pump operation), including associated nipples, caps, and lids
  • Travel bags and other similar carrying accessories
  • Breast pump cleaning supplies
  • Baby weight scales
  • Garments and other products that allow hands-free pump operation
  • Ice packs, labels, labeling lids, and other similar products
  • Nursing bras, bra pads, breast shells, and other similar products
  • Over-the-counter creams, ointments, and other products that relieve breastfeeding-related symptoms or conditions of the breasts or nipples


This list of covered services is not all-inclusive. TRICARE covers services that are medically necessary and considered proven. There are special rules or limits on certain services, and some services are excluded.