Medicare breast pump

Medicare Breast Pumps

Contacting Your Insurance for a Free Pump Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

With a baby on the way, this must be a busy time for you. You might be putting the finishing touches on the nursery, shopping for cute clothes and baby toys, or taking Lamaze classes. So, you don’t necessarily have all the time in the world to try and contact your insurance about getting a free breast pump. That’s okay because The Breastfeeding Shop is here to help you get your Medicare breast pump. Once you fill out our easy order form, we can handle the rest for you. Even if you don’t have your breast pump prescription yet — reach out to us. We can contact your doctor for you and help get the ball rolling.

Can I Get a Free Medicare Breast Pump Near Me?

The cost of raising a child seems to keep going up, especially if you’re looking to get the best products and supplies for your child. Well, let us take one item off of your baby checklist for you. Our team makes it almost effortless to get your breast pump through Medicare. We have years of experience working with insurance providers on a daily basis.

Here at The Breastfeeding Shop, we have all kinds of breast pumps. Whether you need a Medicare Spectra S1 or an Ardo Calypso, we’ve got you covered. We can even help you get a Unimom Opera breast pump rental. This allows you to get access to a hospital-grade breast pump for a fraction of the usual cost.

And when you’re not quite sure which pump is right for you, feel free to reach out to us. We get it — there are a lot of different options for pumping moms these days. But there’s no need for you to go and research all of them by yourself — especially since our knowledgeable team is here to help. We'll gladly go over the pros and cons of getting an Elvie pump vs. a Freemie Independence mobile breast pump or a Medela. We just want you to have the right equipment you need to care for your baby.