Elvie Or Willow?

What’s the Best Wearable Breast Pump?

If you’ve pumped milk before, you may be accustomed to spending hours locked in a windowless room every day with a noisy machine hooked up to your chest. The great thing about wearable breast pumps is that you can continue to go about your daily tasks while pumping. You might have to do some work, drive around, eat lunch, throw in a load of laundry, or put down your baby for a nap. That’s all doable while you express milk — that is with the help of the right breast pump. So, you may be wondering what’s the better wearable breast pump – Elvie or Willow? Both of these quiet pumps are also designed to be portable and discreet.

Willow Breast PumpWillow Vs. Elvie

With the Willow breast pump, there is no base, no dangling tubes, no plugs, and no cords, and it’s a completely hands-free pump. Just place the breast pump cups in your bra, and they’ll go wherever you need them to go with you. Plus, the breast pump is spill-proof! The milk goes directly into a disposable storage bag with a one-way valve or a reusable container within the pump. Because the bags are not reusable, you may have to purchase more milk storage bags as you go. Or, you could get a reusable container that’s sold separately.

Additionally, the Willow pump comes with an easy-to-use app that tracks how much you pump in each session. It prompts you to change the bag before it gets full. This can be very helpful if you’re a mom who tends to oversupply too much breast milk.

Elvie Pumps

If you’re tired of getting strange looks from people and are searching for the quietest breast pump, Elvie may be right for you. It’s virtually silent, and it’s lightweight. Plus, the pump is shaped nicely to fit inside your bra without anyone noticing. Willow is a little bigger and heavier than Elvie. The design of the Elvie and Willow are very similar — they’re all-in-one wearable pumps. But the Elvie pump collects milk in a reusable bottle instead of disposable bags. Although you will have to clean out the bottle between usage. And your milk may spill if you bend over too far.

The Elvie breast pump is smart enough to recognize let-down. It will switch over from stimulation mode to expression mode automatically for you. But some moms have complained about the accuracy of the volume tracking in the Elvie app.

Can’t Decide between an Elvie Or Willow? Contact Us!

Both of these breast pumps are great, and there are mothers who defend both of these wearable breast pumps. If you’re having trouble deciding between an Elvie or Willow pump, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at The Breastfeeding Shop. We are happy to help you find the best breast pump for your needs. You may be worried about the cost of these hands-free pumps. But you may be able to get a Willow or Elvie pump for free with your insurance. Contact us for more info.