See our Tricare FAQs below. Please contact us with any additional questions! 866-255-6779
Do I need to use your RX script or can the doctor use their own?
– As long as the prescription is signed by a doctor, a nurse practitioner, or physicians assistant, any script will work.
What supplies come with my pump?
– You will receive approximately 300 breast milk storage bags which should last around 2 months.
You will also receive extra flanges, tubing, valves, and bottles.
How long does it take to receive my breast pump?
– Depending on the insurance verification process it should take 2-5 business days to receive your breast pump.
It should take no longer than 5 business days to hear from us if, for you reason you haven’t, you can reach us anytime at
Do you ship breast pumps Overseas, APO, DPO?
– Yes, we ship your breast pump anywhere in the world.
My flange isn’t the right size and I need a new one. What can I do?
– We are here to help and make sure you get the right size flange. You can order through us with your Tricare Insurance at any time.
My breast pump stopped working and I’m having mechanical issues with the pump.
– Please first call the breast pump manufacturer for any mechanical issues with your breast pump.
– You can reach :
Medela customer service 800-435-8316
Spectra customer service 855-446-6622
Ameda customer service 866-992-6332
Ardo customer service 844-411-2736
Lansinoh customer service 800-292-4794
Evenflo customer service 855-334-2229
PJ Bliss customer service 818-566-3060
Bellema customer service 800-385-6819
If I have already received a breast pump from my first baby, can I get another one for my second child?
– Yes, Tricare will pay for a breast pump for each baby.
When can I get more breast pump accessories?
– The baby has to be born to receive additional accessories.
– If you baby has been born, Tricare will pay for 2 additional accessory kit. You can order them here
What does the prescription need to say for my breast pump and accessories?
 – Here is an example of the prescription
 – At a minimum, it should say, “Double Electric Breast Pump / E0603” and Accessory Kit / Supplies. Also, it should say the length of need, “Up to 36 Months.”