Traveling in your 1st Trimester

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The cat’s out of the bag. You’re pregnant and getting ready for your baby! Now that you’ve told your family and friends about the impending new edition to your family, you may be considering staying home for the next nine months. No need to become a hermit and limit your travel so early, so here are a few tips on traveling pregnant during your first trimester.

Destination Matters

Your first trimester can be a scary time because you have a more considerable chance of miscarriage through the first few months. As a result, you may want to choose your destination carefully if you’re traveling in your 1st trimester. You will want to have easy access to a hospital. Although it’s not the ideal time to go on safari or take a vacation to go wandering through the amazon, many other alternatives will appeal to your wanderlust.

Long Flights when You’re Pregnant

Flying is pretty uncomfortable, even under ideal circumstances.

Tip: Get an aisle seat. Pregnant ladies are a higher risk of blood clots, so it’s important to get up and move around whenever possible. Luckily you will probably have to pee every few hours, so it’s a perfect excuse to get out of your seat.

Tip: Bring snacks. When a pregnant lady is hungry, it’s a severe emergency. Don’t leave yourself at the mercy of inflight dining and meals. Pack lots of snacks just in case.

Jet Lag when Traveling Pregnant

The worst part of the first trimester is the bone-shattering fatigue that will make you feel as though it’s impossible to do much of anything. Although this will start to clear by had week 12, jet lag definitely compounds the feeling, causing you to doze off all over the place. Give yourself a break and try to opt for an easier itinerary with lots of potential nap breaks.

TIP: Drink tons of water. Pregnant women should consume 64 oz of water a day, but during travel, you may want to up that consumption. Flying is dehydrating. Jetlag is dehydrating. You’ve got some compensating to do. Drink a ton of water the day before your flight (and avoid salty snacks). Bring your water bottle and refill it every chance you get for maximum hydration.

Your Diet will Change

Everyone knows that one of the hardest parts of the first trimester is morning sickness. When you couple this with the list of off-limit food items that every pregnant woman gets to know by heart, menu options can feel pretty limited.

Tips for Traveling Pregnant

TIP: Let people know what’s going on. Normally people try to keep their pregnancy a secret during the first trimester.

Yes, pregnancy is a huge, life-altering event, but man, pregnancy is long. You have to get on with your life even while you’re growing a baby. For a lot of people, that means still traveling- either for business or pleasure. While the first trimester isn’t the easiest or most enjoyable time to travel, it’s certainly doable. I think it’s important to know yourself and your limits and to give yourself the slack you need. Additionally, if you’re planning a trip while you’re breastfeeding, check out this post.

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