Top Trends That Will Help You Brighten Up Any Nursery

Gold and pink baby nursery with a canopied cradle

Brighten Up Your Nursery

1. Pastels. Soft colors and baby’s nursery go together like peas and carrots, so it’s no surprise that pastels are back and better than ever!

2. Rose Gold. Gold trends are strong this year, and we don’t see any end in sight! Very chic and glamorous, this material is popping up in baby gear all over. With a little shimmy to the average baby pink, your nursery will be shining!

3. Southwest. An earthy trend break takes its cues from the Southwest. Think dreamcatchers, feather mobiles, and natural accents that create a warm vibe with a hint of rugged appeal.

4. Modern Times. Modern is back and more stylish than ever! From mid-century sleek to bright white and clean, modern designed nurseries will wow us all year long.

5. Time to fly. Take flight into the blue skies. These fluffy and light puffs in the sky have already begun to pop up on baby layette, blankets, pillows, and gear.

6. Natural. This year wood hangs around but keeps a lower profile. Wood is showing up in subtle ways like art, wall letters, shelving, and accent pieces.

7. Statement Cribs. A star is born. In 2016, cribs were taking over as the statement piece of the nursery. This time they have unexpected shapes, exciting colors, and sophisticated materials. Baby’s crib got a whole lot hipper!

8. Color! Nurseries, toddler rooms, and playrooms are alive and in Technicolor. In the past, color palettes, even bright hues, have been limited to a more monochromatic scheme, but this year it’s all rainbow. Bold and bright colors and lots of them are paired together in a fun and cheerful way to add drama.

9. Inspiration. Parents love a cool theme to set the design tone in a nursery. This year, travel and adventure stand out as the nursery theme of the year. Encouraging words such as “You are our Greatest Adventure” and “Never Stop Exploring” or “Always Take the Scenic Route” sing from the walls. We are keeping our eye out for this theme to inspire nurseries globally.

10. Lighting that Shines. Eye-catching pendants and chandeliers are spicing things up. Brass geo pendants, irregular blown glass, and organic shapes, these interesting design elements are like the sparkling jewelry in the nursery.

11. Granny Chic. Break out those hand-knitted afghans, folks; their moment has arrived again! Get ready to embrace the hand-me-down family look for things you may find in your grandma’s house. Antiques and vintage lace, quilts, and quaint knick-knacks wanted.

12. Cosmic. An updated spin on the classic navy blue nursery, cosmic is both dreamy and sophisticated. We are seeing deep navy paired with gold, gray, and black. Throw in some brass accents, and you’ve got a nursery that is out of this world!

We hope that these ideas are helpful. Here are some tips for designing a nursery on a budget.

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