Top 10 Tips to Survive Morning Sickness

A uncomfortable pregnant woman rests at home, lying on her couch.

When you find out you’re pregnant, it can be one of the greatest moments in your life. But that excitement you initially feel can quickly be taken over by feelings of nausea and morning sickness. So, here are the top 10 nausea-relieving tips for pregnant moms.

Top 10 Tips to Survive Morning Sickness

  1. This is no big deal: Make peace with your fear of vomiting. Because, sometimes, you really do feel better afterward. Attitude helps tremendously here. Know that this phase is short and that it is a crucial time of development for your baby.
  2. Rest: Lack of sleep can make a mom feel irritated and even that you are trapped in a fog. Go to bed an hour or two earlier each night. You’ll be amazed at how much your body needs this extra rest! After all, you are growing a brand new person in there!!! And here are some tips for sleeping when you’re pregnant.
  3. Hydrate: Water makes you feel more nauseous? Sip it slowly. Eat ice. Have a Popsicle, sip on a Gatorade. Drink some lemon water, a sweet tea, and lemonade, anything that will keep fluids in your body.
  4. Almonds: Raw, unsalted, plain old almonds. DO NOT LEAVE HOME WITHOUT THEM. They are an amazing food with powerful nutrients that go to work fast to push nausea and morning sickness away.
  5. Protein: You will get annoyed at how much you have to eat to keep nausea from rearing its ugly head, but it’s worth it, isn’t it? Every two hours, eat half a turkey sandwich, some almonds, some cheese, maybe a bean burrito, a cheese quesadilla, some plain chicken, cashews, peanut butter… get the idea. 4 grams of protein is the safest bet.
  6. Fresh Air: Change up the scenery. Take a walk outside and breathe in deep. Watch the kids play and sit in the sun while having a cool drink. You will feel refreshed!
  7. Relaxing Bath: A bath can soothe nerves and a grumbling stomach, helping stop your morning sickness. Adjust the temperature to lukewarm, not too hot! Use essential oils, such as lavender. Before getting out of the bath, fill with cool water to ease dizziness while exiting the tub.
  8. Accept help: If a friend wants to cook your family a meal, take it. If another brave friend asks to help you with laundry or housekeeping, resist the urge to be prideful and allow them to help. They’ve probably been in your shoes before and they get it, so get over it and take the help. Also, here are some pregnancy support systems you can check out.
  9. Distractions: Get your mind off feeling sick. This may be the perfect time to catch up on those series you were always too busy to binge watch. Pick up a book that been sitting on your dresser for years. Peruse the internet for helpful blogs. Try an adult coloring book; they have some PG 13 books that may make you giggle. Make sure your mind is moving in a positive direction.
  10. Give up on perfection: Focus your energy on getting through the next few weeks. The house and chores will still be there when you start feeling better. So you did not plant flower beds this year, you are growing something even more beautiful right now!
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