Tips for Decorating a Nursery on a Budget

nursery decorating

Some Affordable Nursery Decoration Ideas

Between conversations about “modern heirloom nurseries” and the “Rolls-Royce of strollers,” it’s effortless to get caught up into spending a fortune on nursery décor. Let’s not forget that this room will likely be redecorated after two or three years. So, while you want to achieve the snug heavenly nursery look that makes everyone ooh and aah, there are a few tricks to keep in mind to keep your budget in check when it comes to nursery decoration. Here are some tips for decorating a nursery on a budget.

Minimal Crib Bedding

It might be tempting to decorate your baby’s crib with a cloud-like array of pillows and plush toys. But you really only need one of each. Stick to pretty patterned bedding and minimal styling.

Cribnursery decoration

Don’t splurge on a crib. Designer cribs are a thing, and they will cost you. Luckily there are tons of really well-designed, affordable options out there. Before you go shedding thousands on a crib, shop around for budget alternatives. And look for three-in-one convertible options that will transform into a toddler bed when the time comes.

Skip the Changing Table

While a place to change your little wiggle monster is a must-have, a changing table is definitely not. Changing tables quickly outgrow their usefulness – if used at all. Most babies bunk in with mom and dad for the first couple of months anyway, and once your baby can roll, you’ll likely feel more comfortable changing them on the floor.

Chalk it Up 

A simple, inexpensive way to decorate a nursery is to turn one wall or part of a wall into a chalkboard. How? With chalkboard paint, of course. This inexpensive paint comes in different colors, not only the classic green and black but also red and blue, and actually, forms an erasable writing surface when it dries. You can paint a square or another shape on the wall and then draw a different design on it every day with chalk, says Travis. (Make sure to keep chalk out of your baby’s reach at all times; broken pieces are a choking hazard).

Take a stroll through your local thrift stores. There are many cheap finds just waiting for a new home.

Focus on the fun details, and sticking to the basics will keep your nursery decoration within your budget and looking fun and inviting. Here are some more shopping tips for decorating the baby’s room.

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