Things To Do With Your Baby Before They Can Walk

A baby kin the pool with mom

Some Things To Do Before Baby Steps Begin

Parents soon realize how fast babies grow up, and that starts to set in as soon as your little one begins to take their first baby steps. To savor these moments with your child, there are lots of activities you can do with them before they can walk. Once they begin to walk, it’s going to get a lot tougher and more exhausting for these types of activities. So enjoy them now!

  • Visit an art museum. Baby will enjoy all the different colors, shapes, and patterns while touring an art museum. Plus, it gives mom some time to take in all the beautiful work and enjoy a day out. It’s a lot easier with the stroller for this type of excursion rather than when they begin to walk and want to run around touching everything.
  • Do a baby photo shoot before the first baby steps. Have a fun day staging props or taking them to the park for some fun photos. Photos get a lot more difficult as they get older. Snap away!
  • Go out to dinner. Okay, for some moms, we understand this may not be the best option, especially if the baby screams in unknown environments. But other moms, it can be enjoyable to tuck baby in the carrier and have a night out.
  • Go on a picnic. Just make sure you’re ready to go out into public with your baby. If it’s a beautiful day out – pack up a picnic basket with some goodies, a blanket, and your little one or have one inside! Mom can kick back since the baby isn’t going to be running around the park and take in the scenery.
  • Walk in the garden. Take a stroll at a local garden or even a friend or neighbor’s backyard. Again, lots of colors, shapes, and smells for baby to take in.
  • Go for a swim. There are lots of mommy and baby swimming classes that can be lots of fun. An excellent start to get baby used to the pool. Make sure that your baby is safe in the sun.
  • Listen. This is the period where it’s good to introduce music to your little one – have a dance party around the house! There are tons of good baby-friendly Spotify playlists. If you’re a natural musician – pick up an instrument and start playing.
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