Setting Yourself Up for Breastfeeding Success

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From our Guest Blogger, Martina CoxSo, you have decided to breastfeed! Awesome! It is a truly remarkable endeavor, and once you start it is easy to see why continued intimacy between you and your baby is so essential. From their perspective, the world is a scary, new place, and your breasts are their ticket to comfort, calm, contentment, and the most nutritious food on earth. With this in mind, here are some tips for setting yourself up for breastfeeding success.

Tips for Breastfeeding Success

First step- get a pump from The Breastfeeding Shop. Their customer service and kindness is unbeatable.

Next, start building your support network. Family members will be needed to help with chores and cook some meals as you get adjusted to the demands of a newborn’s tiny stomach and brief, frequent naps. You’ve heard it from everyone: Sleep when the baby sleeps. Easy, right? I had to be very intentional about napping when I had the chance, because if I got distracted with household tasks it seemed like only a few seconds went by and I heard…Whaaa! Translation: “Mom, I need milk pronto!”

I also recommend finding a pediatrician who is endlessly supportive. Many practices employ a full-time Lactation Consultant. At Children’s Healthcare they have an entire center dedicated to the subject, Lehigh Valley Breastfeeding Center. Tuesday morning Milk & Coffee class provides an opportunity for mom-to-mom conversation with people going through similar ups and downs. We all need encouragement.

A lady always needs to accessorize, and there are plenty of handy nursing tools out there. For the purpose of this post I will focus on only a few, but feel free to check out the full selection on the website.

Some questions you may be asking yourself:

  • Do I need a pumping bra? That gets an overwhelming YES. In fact, get two so you have one to use while you are washing the other. Believe me, holding the bottles yourself all the time is no fun. The Breastfeeding Shop carries The Supermom Bra, which is a 3-in-one (very comfortable) option that accommodates your maternity size, clips down for nursing, and holds the flanges for pumping. I always clip down after pumping as well to allow for easy hand expression. Getting out the last drops left behind by the pump helps to keep your supply strong.
  • How about that Freemie thing- what is that about? The Freemie was designed by an ER doctor who was determined to breastfeed despite frequent interruptions while pumping at work. The cups fit into your bra. Don’t worry, they are designed well so you will not look like Madonna. When you’ve got time to pump, simply insert the tubing into your Freemie and begin. When an interruption occurs, pop out the tubing and your milk will stay warm against your body. The cups hold 8 ounces each.
  • I’m already nursing and frequently have an “accident” by leaking milk all over. I’m tired of doing so much extra laundry. Can you help me? Of course! Two suggestions: Lily Padz and/or Milk-Saver. The Lily Padz are made of silicone and provide a physical barrier to gently press on your nipple so that your milk stays inside rather than leaking out. Their texture and scalloped edge make me feel like a mermaid. The Milk-Saver is for those who have a generous supply of milk that tends to leak from one side while nursing on the other. The silicone sleeve slips into your bra and catches the milk that leaks out, that way you can save it for later use.

Get the Products & Support You Need

If you live in the area, it’s worth a trip to stop in and check out the many other products offered at The Breastfeeding Shop. We are here to help and support you! For those who are fortunate enough to stumble across this post before your baby shower, I’d suggest using to add the items you want to your registry.

One last comment on breastfeeding success: Going back to work did a number on my milk supply. GoLacta and Lactation cookies can give you the boost you need to offset the challenges of your new routine. It will work out, and always feel free to give us a call. We want to help you achieve breastfeeding success.

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