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More Milk® Moringa

More Milk Moringa

Fenugreek-free, moringa herbal blend for enhancing & supporting milk supply.


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More Milk Moringa

More Milk® Moringa is a fenugreek-free herbal blend to support breast milk supply. This concentrated liquid extract delivers a potent combination of galactagogue (milk-making) herbs—moringa, blessed thistle, nettle, and fennel—in a convenient vegan capsule. Learn more about More Milk Moringa.

This fenugreek-free blend is an ideal choice if you:
– Have low breast milk supply
– Wish to increase your breast milk freezer stash
– Need general milk supply support
– Are looking for a fenugreek alternative

This herbal galactagogue combination includes the popular superfood herb moringa, which is known to optimize milk supply and is high in vitamins and minerals, including iron. Free of fenugreek, this blend is perfect if you have a sensitive stomach or wish to avoid fenugreek due to possible interactions with thyroid medication.


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