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C-Section Dressing System

C-Section Dressing System

Motif’s 3-Step C-Section Bandage System is created to heal, protect, and restore your C-Section scar. A breathable three stage dressing system, each stage is designed to protect C-Section wounds and provide comfort throughout postpartum healing.


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C-Section Bandage System

Built to shield your new C-Section wound from bacteria, Step 1 of our C-Section Bandage System promotes healing with a waterproof barrier that absorbs and locks in exudate.

Step 2 stretches naturally with your body to promote wound recovery within a healthy environment and stabilizing tension that reduces skin damage from movement.

Step 3 helps prevent scarring of newly healed wounds and reduces the look of older scars by softening the tissue to help your body naturally heal.

Step 1: HealStep-1 guidance
  • Built to protect your new c-section wound.
  • Protects against bacteria.
  • Shortens duration of inflammation.
  • Is waterproof, comfortable, and breathable.




Step 2: Protect


  • Provides comfortable tension, promoting wound protection.
  • Flexible bandage allows for more mobility.
  • Moisturizing, hypoallergenic bandage keeps tissue softer.




Step 3: RestoreStep-3
  • Softens any existing scar tissue and helps prevent further scarring.
  • Aids in natural healing.
  • Help diminish existing scars.




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