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Electric Pump Breastfeeding

electric breast pumpsThe Breastfeeding Shop offers a variety of breast pumps from major manufacturers such as Ameda, Medela, Lucina & Hygeia breast pumps.  Breast pumps come in handy when mom is away from the baby and still needs to pump. Today’s breast pumps are small and compact and make travel or going back to work much easier.  Thankfully, many work public environments (i.e. work) make breastfeeding more comfortable, and it is now very accepted. We work with many insurance companies such as Tricare, The Blues, Medicaid Plans, & many more commercial insurance plans.

The Breastfeeding Shop has affordable electric pumps for sale online 24/7. All of the electric pumps we have for sale are high-quality and cost-effective. Many of the products we offer come with lightweight microfiber carrying cases to keep everything organized, sanitized, and discrete. Nursing does not have to be a hassle. We are here to help. Feel free to browse our online catalog and give us a call if you need any information or recommendations. Below you will find some info on a couple of the popular brands we carry.

Electric Pump Medela

electric breast pumps for saleOne of our most popular brands here at The Breastfeeding Shop is Medela. The Medela Pump in Style Advanced breast pump can be used several times a day. It comes with a lightweight carrying case for added convenience while moms are on the go. The tote that comes with the Medela Pump in Style Advanced has room to store four bottles, which also comes with the complete set. This tote is discreet, portable, and ideal for moms who use their breastfeeding pumps multiple times a day. Also included in the affordable pack are two 24mm breast shields, flanges, and a battery back.

The electric breastfeeding sets make pumping quicker and more efficient for moms because they are proven to produce up to 18% more milk when double pumping. Sets are a great value and amongst the most affordable options available. Electric pumps we have for sale on our website include sets of the Medela pump, Ameda Purely Yours Ultra breast pumps, and Tricare breast pumps.

The Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Breast Pumps also come in sets. The pumps themselves are BPA Free, FDA Approved, and have three power options. This pump can be operated by AC adapters, 6 AA batteries, or even a car adapter for added convenience. It uses a patented HygieniKit Milk Collection System, which is designed to prevent milk from leaking into the tubing. This feature decreases cleaning time since tubes do not require washing after each use. Many products (including this one) can even mimic your baby’s natural nursing rhythm by incorporating four cycle speeds and eight suction levels.

The Breastfeeding Shop prides itself on distributing these top brands at the most affordable price around. For sale information, feel free to call 866-255-6779.

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