Pregnancy Support Systems

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The idea of being a new parent can be exciting. Those of us that have been pregnant also know the reality, especially if you’re a military wife, that it can get lonely, or you may feel secluded. Understanding that you need some sort of pregnancy support system is the first step. Below are just a few ideas that you may not have thought of when it comes to supporting you during your pregnancy.  You may just be looking for an ear to listen or maybe advice and understanding about what you’re going through. Additionally, here is a post about parenting support.

Types of Pregnancy Support Systems

  1. Family. This may seem easy enough, but reach out to family members that you have something in common. It could be parenting, or it could be something else. We hear all the time how family members are the number one resource for most people. With social media and other ways to reach out, it’s much easier and less expensive nowadays to stay connected. Think of one person, right now, that you could reach out to and bend an ear.
  2. Other moms. The best way to let off some steam about what you’re going through or help is another mom or mom-to-be. Don’t be shy; introduce yourself to other moms. This could be neighbors or co-workers. There is nothing better than the comradery between moms. Ask to grab lunch or even take in a movie.
  3. Parenting or Mommy Groups. Parenting groups are a great way to connect with like-minded people going through the same things. This could be a local organization or even online. Facebook has a lot of online groups that are built just for pregnant or new moms looking for some guidance and direction. Nothing like connecting in the comfort of your own home. This allows for no excuses. Most military bases have support groups already established. Seek them out.
  4. Join a club. Heck, feeling alone is tough. Maybe you’re sick of talking about pregnancy or a new baby. Perhaps you need some adulting. This can be found in any group, including charity groups. Give your time or connect with people that like similar things. This could be a book club or a knitting club. Search online for groups based on your interests. Meetup groups and community groups are a great place to let off some steam or connect with people.

Here are some additional resources about pregnancy support systems:

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