Maternity Clothes after Baby is Born. Now What?

maternity clothes

Repurposing Maternity Clothes

Impending motherhood is as much a time of celebration and eager anticipation as it is one of careful preparation. One issue regards the clothing items necessary to accommodate an increasingly burgeoning figure. Some mothers-to-be wear duds plucked from their husband’s closets. Meanwhile, others are fortunate enough to purchase their pregnancy fashions brand new. In the latter case, specially designed maternity apparel is typically worn for a relatively brief time period before being put into early retirement. But you can give these garments new purpose by thinking beyond the closet. You may even exercise a bit of creative flair. You still have maternity clothes after the baby is born. Now what? Here are some great ideas for repurposing maternity clothes.

Great Ideas to Repurpose Those Maternity Clothes

Clothes Swap:

Affordable, well-designed pregnancy-friendly garments can be hard to come by, especially when the majority of your budget is already planned for costly child-related expenditures. For those who have already experienced the journey and no longer need their specially designed duds, sharing such gently used clothing with pregnant friends and colleagues can make a significant difference. Moreover, this can take a bit of the pressure off of their budget. Additionally, a maternity clothing donation can also boost their self-esteem and even alleviate stress.


Repurposing maternity clothesIf you like the idea of giving your old maternity fashions to someone else who can genuinely benefit, the most obvious way to do that is by donating them to charitable organizations. The extra added bonus of which is a tax write-off. In addition to nationwide thrift stores, such items can also be given to churches, shelters and nonprofit pregnancy resource centers that aid teenagers and disadvantaged women. You might also consider arranging a baby shower for a close friend or relative. You can request that – in addition to the usual gifts – attendees bestow the guest of honor with their old maternity duds. Another viable option is posting them on Internet maternity clothing swap platforms. Many of which are free for both the donor and recipient to access.

Get Some Cash:

It’s also appealing to make money off clothing that is no longer a viable part of your wardrobe. Earn cash by putting old maternity fashions on display at your next garage sale. Or, bring them to a flea market or consignment shop. You might also find out if a maternity rental boutique in your area is interested in purchasing new inventory. This is particularly if you own higher-end garments.

Repurposing Maternity Clothes with Craft Projects:

For crafty individuals, you can regard old maternity clothes as the ideal raw material for myriad creative projects. They’re great for bedspreads, reusable grocery bags, cloth napkins, hand puppets, scarves, protective cases for various electronic devices, toy totes, pet bedding, and décor-enhancing items. With a few strategic cuts and stitches, they can also be refashioned into wearable garments suitable for a post-pregnancy figure or transformed into children’s clothing with the aid of a suitable pattern. So, reusing maternity clothes can actually be pretty fun. In conclusion, we hope that these ideas for repurposing maternity clothes are helpful.

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