Holiday Road Trip & Breastfeeding

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Taking a Trip While Breastfeeding

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! You have a newborn, and it’s now the holiday season – which means a road trip to your parent’s house. Here are some tips on taking a trip and breastfeeding that can help make preparation a little easier for you to enjoy the holidays.

  • Bring a cooler in the car so you can store your breastmilk and keep it cold. Fill the cooler with freezer packs that you can refreeze once you get to your destination.
  • Pack extra clothing for you and baby. Bring extra clothes just in case any spills, and also to change into to make your travel more comfortable while you’re nursing.
  • Bring your breast pump and any extra attachments just in case.
  • Plan to stop. Stick to your nursing schedule as planned – plan to stop at rest areas to nurse.
  • Never nurse in a moving vehicle, the baby must always stay in the car seat.
  • Bring an extra water bottle on the trip. Always stay hydrated.
  • If staying at a hotel – make sure your room has a refrigerator to store your breastmilk. Your milk can stay at room temperature for around 6 hours.

Plane Travel While Breastfeeding

If traveling by plane this holiday season, here are some things to consider, and after reading will definitely give you peace of mind about traveling while nursing.

  • You can bring all of your breast milk, breast pump, and supplies on the airplane.
  • Bring freezer packs and separate cooler on the flight; this is considered a carry on item.
  • Notify a TSA agent during security that you do have your breast milk with you. This will be a smooth screening process if you tell them ahead of time.
  • Nurse your baby before boarding the plane. There is always time and waiting around in the terminal before your flight boards, make sure to give yourself extra time. This spare time beforehand will help you and baby feel more relaxed and comfortable before the journey.

We hope that these tips for going on a trip and breastfeeding are helpful for you. Our Mommy Blog has all sorts of great information, including these tips for traveling during the first trimester.

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