How To Get a Breast Pump Reimbursement

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So, you already purchased a breast pump, but you’re just realizing that you could have possibly gotten it for free through your insurance. That’s okay. The Breastfeeding Shop can help you get a breast pump reimbursement through Tricare. The process is pretty straightforward, but it becomes even easier with us on your side. We deal with insurance companies all the time. Thus, we can make sure that all the I’s are dotted, and all the T’s are crossed on your paperwork. You don’t want to miss out on the reimbursement because of a tiny mistake.

When you’re expecting, you already have plenty of expenses adding up. You’re probably buying clothing, toys, and diapers for your child while you’re also babyproofing your home and preparing a bedroom for your baby. Plus, you want what’s best for your child. You’re not trying to skimp on baby supplies and end up with cheap equipment that could potentially harm your child (you should avoid these hand-me-downs). But on the other hand, there is a way to get the top baby nursing equipment without spending a dime. Even if you already bought a breast pump, you can get reimbursed for it.

Through your Tricare insurance, you should be able to acquire one breast pump per birth event. It doesn’t matter which type of Tricare plan that you have. Tricare also covers breastfeeding counseling as well as a number of breast pump supplies. This includes power adapters, tubing, valves, bottles, bottle caps, storage bags, splash protectors, and more. You can find out more about Tricare’s covered services here.

Don’t Lose Your Receipt

If you want to get a Tricare breast pump reimbursement, you’ll need to have the receipt. Additionally, you must have been eligible for Tricare coverage on the exact date that you bought the machine.

Have the Right Breast Pump Prescription

You need to get a breast pump prescription from a Tricare-authorized doctor, physician’s assistant, nurse practitioner, or nurse-midwife. It’s alright if the date on the prescription is after the date that’s on your receipt. Additionally, the prescription doesn’t have to name a specific breast pump brand. But the prescription must match the type of pump that you bought. As an example, if you bought a manual pump, your prescription shouldn’t call for an electric pump, and vice versa. If you’re comparing and contrasting manual and electric pumps, check out this helpful article.

It’s best to make a copy of the prescription for your own personal records. You can always fall back on your copy of the prescription if the original copy gets lost in the mail. When you get a breast pump reimbursement, it can help you out with other baby supplies that you need to buy.

File a Medical Claim for a Pump

In order to file a claim, you’ll need to fill out a DD Form 2642 and attach a copy of your receipt and prescription. Next, you have to mail all of this to your Tricare claims processor. Then you should receive a check in the mail from your regional contractor. Tricare has three regions, including Overseas and East and West United States. If you want to check on your claim’s status, you need to submit a claim online.

When you’re having difficulty with your breast pump insurance reimbursement, don’t be afraid to reach out to the team at The Breastfeeding Shop. We’re here to help get new moms the baby nursing supplies that they need free of charge from their insurance. We work with insurance providers every day. So, we can help you get a reimbursement for a breast pump.

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