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Parenting can be the most rewarding endeavor and journey you decide to travel. With those sweet smiles and coos and all the hugs and kisses from your little ones, there are days when you wonder if you can get through another tantrum or give another bath to a screaming toddler. And parenting is stressful. Sometimes it may feel overwhelming, to deal with these life changes. Moreover, you’re putting all your needs aside for that tiny little human that keeps you up all night. If parents were totally honest, they would tell you some days they wonder why they chose this path. Because for all the joys, parenting can be downright challenging. But talking to other parents and swapping “war stories” can be therapeutic and can allow you to see that you are not alone. If you’re having trouble finding parenting support, give these ideas a try.

Finding & Surrounding Yourself With Positive Support:

Playgroups: Set up a time to call to catch up on changes in your lives and stages your children have gone through.

Social Media: Create a Facebook Page or Group for parents in your area to discuss organizing a playgroup or as a way to connect while looking for a new playgroup.

Social Gatherings: Organize a social gathering for the families in your neighborhood. Keep it simple. For example, having coffee is a great way for parents to connect without spending a lot of money.

Meet New Parents:  Introduce yourself to other parents at your child’s school or after-school activity, at the library, in your neighborhood, or at your work. Parents share a natural connection through shared experiences, and it can be easy to spark a conversation with other parents.

Parents Groups: Read bulletin boards at your child’s daycare, after-school program, and extra-curricular activities to find parent groups in your area and/or check your pediatrician’s office or hospital. Consider joining an online parenting group when you’re finding parenting support. Additionally, here’s a post about pregnancy support systems.

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