Design Your Nursery On A Budget – Shopping Tips

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Having a baby is one of the most exciting things that will happen to you. Thinking about the cost of the baby can be overwhelming and cause you some unnecessary stress. We have put together some awesome ideas on how you can design a beautiful nursery for your baby on a budget. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have something that is elegant, beautiful, and functional. Check out our tips.

How to Stick to Your Budget on a Nursery

Google is your friend

Do some diligence and search online to see what stores carry the things you love at the prices that are right. You can compare shop directly on Google. This also allows you to see what brick-and-mortar stores are selling those items for before you make the trip. Bonus Tip: Before purchasing anything, check out RetailMeNot, this app is fantastic to find additional discounts for those stores (online or in-person).

A few additional online discount shops to check out:

Re-sell Sites and Apps

Below we have outlined some re-sell online sites and apps you may find useful when you’re trying to stick to your budget for a nursery.

  • Craigslist – great for people that need to get rid of their stuff fast and will sell things at a major discount. Do your homework on the products you’re purchasing beforehand and also make sure you meet somewhere first in a public place. Safety is paramount.
  • eBay – eBay is known for selling both new and used items. You can find some good finds here. Note that the item may need to be shipped, and there could be shipping charges, so consider that when purchasing large items.
  • Letgo – This is a great location-based app that can connect you to items that are in your area for sale. It’s not only a great place for you to purchase items for your nursery, but when you’re ready to outgrow your items, you can sell them there as well.
  • Facebook Marketplace – Facebook now has an online marketplace where locals place ads for items for sale. This is kind of nice because you can do your research on the person selling the items. You would be surprised at the friends in common you may have with the seller!

Wall Decals for the Budget Nursery

Decals are an inexpensive way to decorate your nursery without the expense of paint. They are great because they are removable and won’t leave damage to a wall. If you’re renting your home, this is a great option!

Decorative Baskets and Bins

Stay organized with baskets and bins that are very inexpensive. There’s no need for your budget nursery to be unorganized.

Furniture Tips for the Nursery

Look for pieces of furniture that can grow with your family. Picking furniture that is very specific to just your baby may be an expense unnecessary. Buy a piece your baby can grow with or that you can use elsewhere as your child grows.

A very inexpensive way to make your furniture look expensive without the expense is by switching out the hardware. You can easily do this by purchasing new fun and colorful knobs for your dressers or changing your light switch plate out. These little touches can make a big difference in your nursery.

Family Photos

Adding family photos to your nursery vs. expensive art is a great way to add a personal touch to your nursery. You can purchase very inexpensive picture frames from discount stores and have your photos printed for a few dollars. And here are some additional tips for decorating the nursery. And if you’re looking for ways to brighten up a nursery, check out this post.


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