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activities with baby

Things To Do With Your Baby Before They Can Walk

By BFSadmin | January 15, 2018

Parents soon realize how fast babies grow up, and that starts to set in as soon as your little one begins to take their first steps. To savor these moments with your child – there are lots of activities you can do with them before they can walk. Once they begin to walk it’s going…

road trip breastfeeding

Holiday Road Trip & Breastfeeding

By BFSadmin | December 21, 2017

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! You have a newborn and it’s now the holiday season – which means a road trip to your parent’s house. Here are some tips on traveling while breastfeeding that can help make preparation a little more easier for you to enjoy the holidays. Bring a cooler in…

foods to avoid while pregnant

Foods to Avoid at Thanksgiving While Pregnant

By BFSadmin | November 21, 2017

It’s that time of the year again, and Thanksgiving dinner is right around the corner. Sweater weather, the fun family gatherings and of course the food! Since you’ll be eating for two – here are some important tips on what to avoid during Thanksgiving dinner. Especially if you aren’t helping with the cooking – make…

prenatal health

Boost Your Prenatal Health

By BFSadmin | October 7, 2017

I’m sure you hear a lot of talks and read many articles on how important it is that you take care of yourself during your pregnancy. One very common topic that comes up, again and again, is healthy eating. We found an article that we found very interesting and yet fun that you may be interested…