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Breast Pumps Covered by Tricare

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If you’re looking for breast pumps covered by Tricare, shop with us today. The Breastfeeding Shop can help you get a free breast pump through Tricare Health Benefit. Depending on the specific needs of you and your baby, there may be a certain breast pump that you’re looking for. But you may not be sure if it’s a pump that’s approved by Tricare. That isn’t a problem. Just reach out to our helpful team. Because we work with insurance companies all the time, we know the ins and outs of getting an insurance covered breast pump. We’ll make the entire process much easier on you. You’ll be able to get back to caring for your baby instead of spending time on the phone with your insurance.

What Breast Pumps are Covered by Tricare?

Those who can get a breast pump include any Tricare-eligible female beneficiaries with a birth event. That includesBreast Pumps Covered by Tricare pregnancies as well as legal adoptions by females who intend to breastfeed personally. You’re able to get a pump either before or after the delivery. With your Tricare coverage, you’re eligible for:

  • A Free Breast Pump
  • Free Storage Bags
  • Free Breast Pump Parts
  • Free Compression Garments
  • Free Customized Assistance
  • Free Help Contacting Your Insurance

There’s Tricare coverage in North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Colorado, Texas, and California. Tricare is available all around the world, but it’s broken up into three regions. Anywhere outside of the U.S. is considered overseas, and then there are two regions within the United States — East and West. Hawaii and Alaska are part of the West Region. But the dividing line doesn’t exactly run down the middle of the country. The East Region includes Wisconsin and Illinois, but then the dividing line cuts over to include Oklahoma and Texas in the East. This is important to note because each region has its own regional contractor.

The Breastfeeding Shop is your trusted source Tricare covered breast pumps and maternity compression. But are there certain breast pump brands that Tricare covers? No, you can get most breast pumps through Tricare coverage. You need the pump type to match the prescription your doctor gave you. For example, if you have a prescription for a manual breast pump, you wouldn’t be able to get an electric breast pump. If you're not sure whether you should get a Spectra, Medela, or Ameda, reach out to us. We'll help you make an informed decision that's right for you. Here are some of our favorite pumps:

Spectra Medela or Ameda

Spectra Breast Pumps

Spectra has a few breast pumps covered by Tricare. The Tricare Spectra pumps that we offer include the S1, S2, and S9, and they’re all breast pumps with a night light. The S1 and S2 are hospital-grade pumps. This means that they have vacuum-strength suction, long-lasting battery power, and more settings, helping you find the perfect setting for expressing your milk. In addition, the S1 Plus come with a rechargeable battery. So, you can use it wherever and whenever you need to.

Meanwhile, the Spectra S9 is very portable and lightweight, fitting in the palm of your hand. Thus, the S9 may be just what you need if you’re a mom who pumps on-the-go every day. Whether you have to pump in your car, at work, or at a friend’s house — this breast pump makes it a little easier on you.

Medela Pump In Style

This pump is a little heavier and louder than the Spectra breast pumps. On the other hand, you can get a bag specifically made for your Tricare breast pump from Medela, allowing you to stay organized. Every piece and part have their designated places. Thus, you won’t have to go rifling through your diaper bag every time you need a bottle or an extra piece of tubing. Additionally, the removable cooler bag allows you to safely store your breast milk until you can get it home to the fridge.

The Pump In Style comes with two-phase expression technology. This makes it easier for moms to pump quickly and comfortably.

Ameda Purely Yours

It weighs less than the more-powerful Medela pump, but it’s not quite as lightweight as the Spectra breast pumps. What sets this breast pump apart is its closed system pump, which keeps breast milk out of the airlines. This protective barrier makes your Tricare Ameda pump extremely easy to clean. With this hygienic breast pump, you won’t have to worry about viruses, mold, germs, and bacteria.

This pump has been around for years. The Purely Yours' suction strength and cycle speed can be adjusted independently from each other. This allows moms to find just the right cycle speed they need for expressing milk.

Ardo Freemie or Motif

Ardo Calypso

The Calypso is another one of our great breast pumps covered by Tricare. The Ardo Calypso is one of the quietest breast pumps that you can find. Whether you have to pump in the middle of the night or a lactation room at work — no one will be able to hear you. Even though this pump is very quiet and compact, it still includes 64 different settings for you to choose from. Although, it doesn’t include a letdown feature, like some of the other pumps do.

The Calypso features a closed pump system. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about moisture getting trapped in the tubing. You know that you won’t have to deal with mold or bacteria getting into your milk.

Freemie Independence

The Freemie is a quiet, small breast pump that you can wear right under your bra. Just slip the cups in and carry the pump on your hip or in your bag. With the Freemie Independence mobile pump, you don’t have to sit in a room by yourself to pump. You’re free to get up and walk around or pick up your baby and snuggle with him or her.

Each cup can collect 8 ounces of milk, so that’s 16 ounces it can hold for your pumping session. That should be more than enough room for you. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about lugging around storage bags and cleaning out tubing.

Motif Luna

This is a soothing and strong breast pump that is also small and compact. So, you can take it wherever you need to go. If you’re breast pumping in a rush all the time, this might be the right model for you. It allows you to express more milk in less time. You can pump between 40 and 280 mmHg, and it works well in a short amount of time with a quick letdown. You may think that this breast pump will be uncomfortable and painful because it expresses breast milk in 20 minutes. On the contrary, it is very comfortable, seeming to mimic an infant’s breastfeeding pattern.

The Motif Luna pump also includes backflow protection that helps keep it clean and hygienic. Thus, you won’t have to worry about milk contamination.

Need more information about breast pumps covered by Tricare? Get in contact with The Breastfeeding Shop today!