The Medela Sonata is the newest pump being released by Medela as a RETAIL purchase only that will be available at certain big box retailers.   This will NOT be an insurance covered breast pump.

It is considered a “piston style” breast pump, and this technology was used in the Medela Lactina breast pump, which Medela discontinued several years ago.  I’m curious as to why they decided to bring that style back to their product offering – I am guessing it is because of the competition that Medela has now.
Medela has told me that they are only making it available on a retail level at certain stores because it is a new pump, and they are unsure of the response they will get from breastfeeding moms.  So, if the pump is performing well, they will continue allowing other stores to carry it. It is always exciting when a new pump comes to market, especially when it is by Medela. We will have to wait and see if the pump does perform well.  With such a great selection of pumps on the market today, there are plenty of great pumps to choose from like the Medela Pump in Style, Spectra brand, Ameda and Ardo – Ardo is also a “”piston style pump”.

Here is a snipet of what Medela is saying and my comments to go along.

The Medela Sonata Breast Pump is the newest breast pump being released  by Medela January 2017. Medela says it’s a, “Smart Designed Breast Pump with you and your baby in mind.” The Sonata is the first “Smart” breast pump of its kind being released by Medela. It is being advertised to have the capability to  track your milk production in sync with your phone. This can be very useful for those moms with very little sleep, when it’s hard to remember the last time you fed your baby and how much they drank. Medela is also advertising that the Sonata will be Medela’s quietest personal use breast pump.

For working moms and military moms, this can be even more helpful. Moms that are always on the go have to be very organized with a baby, and this technology will absolutely help. There are a lot of phone apps that assist with the ability to track feeding time, milk production, etc.., but this is the first breast pump that will sync with your phone to make it more seamless. Personally I’m surprised that the Sonata has taken this long to be released. We have seen this type of Bluetooth technology for many years. It’s about time that breast pumps advanced to use some of the latest technologies to make mom’s lives a little easier while breastfeeding.

(The Breastfeeding Shop is launching their own APP to do the same thing and work with ALL breast pumps)

Medela has told us the Sonata initially may not be covered by insurance, and that it will only be available through retail stores. This is sounding like it may be very costly to consumers. And, like most new technologies, the first go around typically  has some hiccups. That being said, this is a very exciting evolution for one of the largest breast pump brands,  and it may start the new wave of “Smart” breast pumps.

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Medela Sonata Breast Pump