Before Baby: To-Do Checklist

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Pregnancy is an amazing journey, but it can also be stressful planning the major life changes to come. You may feel overwhelmed about doctor visits and making sure you have all the products you need for your baby’s arrival. If you’re lost, here are our top ten tasks to complete before the arrival of your baby.

1. Call Insurance About a Breast Pump

We get it, calling your insurance company can feel like a chore. But since your insurance will provide you with a free, completely covered breast pump, it’s a call worth making. The team at The Breastfeeding Shop is here to make this process as easy as possible, and we can make that call for you! Get this item checked off your list by filling out our order form

2. Keep a Calendar for Doctor Appointments

As your pregnancy progresses, there are always so many doctor’s appointments, tests, and check-ups that you need to attend to make sure mom and baby are both healthy heading into delivery. Keep a calendar or weekly planner to keep all of your appointments organized and documented. 

3. Set Up Your Nursery

Decorating and setting up your nursery is always a fun step for parents! Choose your theme and create a soothing space because you will be spending a lot of time there (especially nights!). 

Be sure to put together all of your baby furniture like cribs, changing tables, and storage, and make sure it is well stocked with clothes, wipes, diapers, creams, and more!

4. Create Baby Stations Throughout Your House

Now that your nursery is set up, make sure that you have baby stations throughout the house. Putting strategically-placed items like spit-up towels, diapers, wipes, and pacifiers around the house will save you trips to the nursery and make your baby more comfortable. 

5. Plan a Nesting Checklist

Many mamas go through a nesting phase during pregnancy: Everything needs to be clean, tidy, and perfect for your baby. From shampooing the carpets to cleaning those tedious and easily-forgotten nooks and crannies, preparing your home will leave you with a clean space. 

Write down a list of all of the things that you want to get done before your baby arrives (be sure to make a honey-do list for your spouse too!). Our favorite way to organize and check off tasks is by making a room-by-room list. This helps keep you from being overwhelmed and helps keep you motivated. 

6. Decide on Your Birth Plan

Some women want a very specific birth experience, such as having particular music or essential oils, while others just want to deliver in the fastest and easiest way possible without any frills. Both of these options are valid and should be honored, which is why it is essential to outline your birth plan according to your preferences, health status, and comfort level. 

If you want a doula or midwife, make sure you give yourself time to do extensive research. Also, think ahead about extreme circumstances. Would you be okay with a c-section? Are you comfortable taking an epidural? Having a detailed birth plan is the easiest way to ensure your wishes are granted and you can just focus on your body, your breathing, and your baby. 

7. Pack Your Hospital Bag

Hospital bags often get pushed off, but the items in your hospital bag will bring you comfort, familiarity, and ease. Pack the essentials like changes of clothes for you and your baby, but also pack your favorite snacks for after as a reward. Don’t forget your partner too! Since they will be with you in the hospital for some time, they also will need to pack their belongings for an overnight stay. 

8. Make Arrangements for Your Furry Family Members

Pets can sometimes get overlooked when there are so many things to do, but you want to make sure that your furry family is taken care of while you are in the hospital. Schedule time for them at a trusted kennel or call a friend to look after them while you are bringing your child into the world.  

9. Make Work Arrangements 

There are many loose ends you need to tie up at work before you go into labor. Between submitting a maternity leave request to human resources and building a plan for work coverage while you are out, make sure you give yourself (and your job) enough time to plan and delegate your leave. 

10. Care For Yourself, Mama!

While you are preparing for your baby, don’t forget about yourself. You are going to undergo intense physical and mental changes, so prepare to take care of yourself postpartum. Set up a mommy space for me-time and stock up on essentials like breast care supplies and compression garments. As you care for your baby’s needs, make sure you’re watching out for your mental and physical needs too. The Breastfeeding Shop has a multitude of postpartum recovery products to help you heal. 


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