Baby Delivered? Initial Lactation Consult

A lactation consult may be just what you need. Is your baby delivered? Is your breastfeeding experience not exactly what you had imagined? Are you experiencing any of the following:

  • Engorgement, including therapeutic breast massage
  • Sore nipples
  • Tongue-tie (ankyloglossia)
  • Trouble latching or maintaining a latch
  • Breastfeeding multiples
  • Prior breast surgery
  • Baby recently discharged from the NICU
  • Baby born at 35-37 weeks gestation and is having trouble latching/maintaining a latch
  • Latch-on or positioning/comfort difficulties
  • Newborn who has lost greater than 10% of the birth weight
  • Newborn is not gaining 0.75 to 1.5 ounces per day once the mature milk is in
  • A baby who resists latching or appears uncomfortable at the breast
  • If baby’s output (wet and dirty diapers) seems inadequate
  • If you are worried about your milk supply or if your mature milk is not in by day 5 of lifeLactation consult
  • Plugged ducts/mastitis/Nipple blebs
  • Nipple or flow confusion
  • Concern of undersupply or oversupply of breastmilk
  • Pumping concerns
  • Plugged ducts/mastitis/Nipple blebs
  • Returning to work planning
  • Adoption/Initiation of lactation without birth
  • Weaning

At The Breastfeeding Shop, we are here to help you with any breastfeeding questions or issues you may have. Sometimes, as a new parent, you just need reassurance that all is going ok, and we are happy to help you with that, also! We will review everything with you and share your care plan via a secure portal, so that you can look back on the instructions we provide.

Let us schedule you for that comprehensive lactation visit today! Book an initial lactation consult here