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If your baby is going to arrive soon, you might be thinking about your feeding options. Is formula or breast milk better?Insurance breast pumps Berks County Should I breastfeed my baby directly or use a pump? Here at The Breastfeeding Shop, we believe that breast milk is the ultimate source of nutrition for a developing baby. But there are some little ones who have trouble with latching. Meanwhile, some mommies have a hard time expressing enough milk for a growing baby. Pumping after your feeding session can actually help you increase your milk supply. It’s best to start this process when your baby is still young and not eating much yet. So, don’t wait to get your breast pump in Reading, PA.

You may think it’s pretty much impossible to get something for free from your insurance provider. But that’s not the case when you team up with The Breastfeeding Shop. We make it extremely easy to get a free Reading, PA, breast pump. All you have to do is get a prescription, pick your pump, and fill out our order form. If you’re not quite sure which pump is right for you, that’s okay. We are more than happy to help you compare different breast pump models. Plus, we have a breast pump comparison chart that you can check out.

Where can I Get a Breast Pump in Reading, PA?

The Breastfeeding Shop is one of the best places to get a Reading, PA, breast pump. In addition to our friendly customer service, we also offer a wide selection of pumps for you to choose from. That includes Willow, Elvie, Freemie, Zomee, Motif, and Spectra pumps in Reading, PA. And we offer a variety of breast pumping accessories, including spare parts and storage bags as well as compression garments. For a full list of our breast pumps and accessories, you can always reach out to us for more details.

What’s the Best Kind of Breast Pump to Get?

Each breast pump has it’s own strengths. Some pumps are designed for moms who are returning to the workforce or are constantly on the go. Meanwhile, other models are meant for mommies who breastfeed directly and only pump every once in a while. It’s all about finding a breast pump that can meet your needs. And just because one model worked perfectly for your relative or neighbor, it doesn’t mean it’s best for you. Every mom has their own needs and pumping schedule. If you could use a hand figuring out what your breast-pumping priorities are, get in touch with us. We proudly serve moms in Reading and the entire Berks County area. Here's some more info about getting a breast pump in Pennsylvania.