8 Tips To Soothe a Crying Baby

soothe crying baby

Tips for Soothing a Crying Baby

Just as all babies cry, all moms feel the anxiety of hearing their babies cry. If you prepare for the inevitable, you can turn those crying baby conundrums into peace and happiness. 

Babies cry for a variety of reasons: Hunger, soiled diaper or perhaps even pain. Once you have excluded all of the usual suspects, there are those times when your baby cries without any outward explanation. Unequipped to communicate their displeasure, crying is a natural skill that babies use frequently and to the chagrin to all around them. Here are some tips to soothe your baby from screaming to cooing:

1. Hum

Although singing is often suggested for calming a crying baby, humming can be even more effective so long as you’re holding your baby close to you as you do it. The vibrating sensation will soothe him and hopefully stop his tears.

2. Warm Shower

Your baby might not like being directly under the water, but he will be soothed by the noise and warmth of standing in a shower with you. Just make sure the water’s not too hot and you’re holding him tightly.

3. Distraction

If he’s not tired or hungry, but just seems bored and irritable, try something fun that will make him laugh. For example, this may include something like playing peekaboo or blowing raspberries on his neck.

4. A Tight Wrap

It sounds unlikely but sometimes a newborn’s own limbs frighten him because he can’t control them and they move up and down just as he’s trying to go to sleep. In which case, he’ll be soothed by being wrapped up tightly in a blanket.

5. Journey Outdoors 

There’s something about the change of temperature that can often calm your baby’s shouts. Get your baby some fresh air and change in their light. Wrap your baby up warm, pop him in a sling or in your pram and head out for a walk – he’ll be asleep by the end of the road, we reckon. Here are some tips for taking your baby outside.

6. Massage

Massage is a great way to soothe your baby, plus it encourages bonding and may help him sleep better. After a bath, lay your baby on his tummy on a towel. Gently rub baby moisturizer or sweet almond oil into his shoulders, back, bottom and legs in smooth, circular movements. Turn him over and massage his front.

7. Less Chat, More Pat

Unborn babies are comforted by the sound of your heartbeat, which is why newborns love snuggling against your chest. Replicating this rhythm with gentle pats on the back or bottom, done in time with your own heart, will help a newborn feel secure.

8. Stay Calm

When your own stress levels increase, this can easily be passed onto your baby, so the first thing to do is to take a deep breath and stay calm yourself.

As your baby grows and verbal communication skills evolve, you will soon be in tune with your babies’ mood and irritations. Remember, problems with a crying baby shall pass too!

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1 thought on “8 Tips To Soothe a Crying Baby”

  1. The only way a baby can communicate with you is by crying. As a parent you have find out why your baby is crying and soothe them. Some of the common reasons for crying baby are:
    – Baby is hungry and needs to be fed.
    – Baby is having colic.
    – Baby needs to be cuddled.
    – Baby is tired and needs rest.
    – Temperature changes.
    – Baby needs diaper change.
    – Health issues like teething.

    Some of the ways to comfort a baby are:
    – Play soothing sounds.
    – Rock and sway your baby.
    – Massage the baby.
    – Give a warm bath.

    If all else fails then you can consult your doctor who can provide you with a solution.

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