10 Baby-Friendly Spring & Summer Activities

A baby girl plays outside on a play set on a nice day

Spring and Summer Activities for Babies

Springtime is here and right around the corner is summer! The days, as well as the heat, will soon be upon our area. It’s a perfect opportunity to get out there with your little one and show them the great big world. Start with these ideas to explore and enjoy the rising temps in a whole new way as we spring into summer with activities.

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Spring into Summer Activities for Babies

1. Take a Visit to the Zoo

No question zoos and aquariums are child-friendly, but babies love them too. Or save the price of admission and take a quick visit to the pet store. Just don’t be surprised if your baby spends as much or more time to check out the other visitors as the animals.

2. Berry Picking

A delicious way to spend a morning, berry picking is also an extremely baby-friendly activity. Wear your little one or set him up on a blanket under a shade tree, and set to the task of plucking the lusciously fresh fruit straight from the vines and into your mouth.

3. Pool Time

Beat the heat with a trip to the public pool and introduce your baby to the joys of splashing about amongst other hysterically happy children. Or set up a wading pool in your backyard for a more low-key but still fun water play.

4. Farmers Market

Farmers Markets rank up there as one of the summer’s most baby-friendly activities. There’s generally room for strollers, no one minds if your baby gets fussy, and vendors often welcome the chance to fuss over your little cutie. This adventure will instill a love of fruits and veggies by introducing your baby to a variety of fresh and locally grown food.

5. The Library

Libraries have some great story times and are also great havens to beat the rising temperatures.

6. Nature Walk

Try this one in the early morning before it gets too hot. Load your little one into a stroller or carrier and head out to explore. Let them smell the flowers, watch the birds hop along the grass, and feel the soft leaves and smooth rocks you’ll find along the way. Identify what you’re seeing with a gentle rolling commentary; all that chatter will help your wee on build a strong vocabulary and develop amazing communication skills.

7. Picnic Time

There’s something so lovely about dining al fresco, whether you’re grilling or just munching away on sandwiches and snacks. Spread a blanket under a shady tree in a scenic location and settle your little one in for an afternoon of squirrel watching, ant observing, and people watching, in between bites of whatever they love to eat.

8. County Fair

With so much to look at, smells to breathe, and sounds to hear, state fairs and other summer festivals can be a fun place to take alert babies who love to observe the world around them. Timing is everything with this activity; arrive post-nap and after a feeding when your little one is feeling happy and interested in playing. If it’s getting too close to naptime, you might end up with an overstimulated, too-tired-to-sleep baby on your hands.

9. Surfs Up

You’ll never forget the first few times your baby experiences the beach. Set up a sun-safe camp and help her explore the coarse texture of sand and the cool lap of the water on his feet. Her reaction will be priceless. Remember that sunblock and lather them up!

10. Bubbles

Here’s one you don’t have to leave home for. Just head outside, break out a container of bubble solution and prepare for your baby to be amazed and bewildered. Add a few songs and movements and it’s basically a Gymboree class in your own backyard. While you’re out there, toggle your baby’s feet in the soft grass and let them experience a sensation that is pure summer.

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