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Don’t pay out of pocket for your breast pump! The Breastfeeding Shop is In-Network with Tricare and is an Authorized Provider for Tricare Breast Pumps.

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At The Breastfeeding Shop, we are proud to provide you with the best Tricare breast pumps available through insurance. Our goal is to provide high-quality breastfeeding products that make electric pump breastfeeding comfortable and allow you to care for your infant with the right balance of nutrients found in breast milk. Here at The Breast Feeding Shop, we carry a wide range of top-rated breast pumps and accessories all billable through your insurance. Specifically, we carry insurance-covered breast pumps and top brands for some of the best breast pumps available on the market today (such as the Ameda electric breast pump).

By now you may have realized the costs of raising a child can add up quickly, especially when you want only the best-rated products for you and your baby. If you find yourself needing assistance in navigating insurance reimbursement for breast pumps, we can help with that! We accept most types of insurance, including Aetna, Tricare, and more! What does this mean? It means you can get an insurance-covered breast pump, Tricare breast pump, or a Medela breast pump, and much more at no cost to you. The choice is yours, and with the information we provide, you will be able to make educated decisions based on facts.

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It is highly suggested that healthy women should attempt to provide their babies with breast milk for the first six months of the newborn’s life. By utilizing breast pumps, this process can be much more manageable. For this reason, we would love to assist you in providing an excellent start for your baby with a top-rated free breast pump that helps both you and your child to remain healthy.

You can count on us to provide you with the proper information about the best breast pumps available through insurance. Our mission is to help you get the pump that suits you and your child best so they will grow into a healthy and strong toddler.

Get Your Free Breast Pump, Compression Support Products, And More!

Don’t pay out of pocket for your breast pump! The Breastfeeding Shop is in-network with Tricare and is an authorized provider for Tricare Breast Pumps.

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Working with The Breastfeeding Shop makes it easy for moms to get the pump and accessories they need to breastfeed their newborns. Complete the insurance form to qualify for your new breast pumps at no additional cost and let us take care of the rest.

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Here at The Breastfeeding Shop, we work with your insurance to provide you with not only breast pumps, but also maternity support bands, maternity compression socks, postpartum recovery garments, and milk storage bags. We bill your insurance provider or healthcare coverage to get them at no cost to you.

No! We take care of all communication and billing to your insurance company so you don’t have to speak with them at all! At The Breastfeeding Shop, we want to allow you to spend your time preparing for or with your baby without the hassle of also having to deal with an insurance company.

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